Shane Dylan is a piano player, composer, producer, and Boston artist.


Growing up as an introspective kid, Shane Dylan was drawn towards music that expressed raw feeling through story and experience. From an early age, he found an escape at the piano, allowing himself to get lost in the richness of the notes and harmonies.


Fast forward to today, and Shane is a 20-year old artist and jazz-inspired producer. He has spent the past two years working on an independently produced Boston hip hop album, “A Star or a Lonely Dreamer,” due to be released this fall.


The album, with features from a distinguished cast of Boston artists, casts a light on how it feels to be an artist responsible for uplifting the vulnerability, rawness, passion, and drastic emotions that come with being a young person in the world.


The emotional spirit of Shane’s music is rooted in his background studying jazz and composition. Through his intricately orchestrated arrangements, he seeks to capture the essence of certain timeless moments, and the album itself documents a passing of time.


In that, there are times when he feels like a star, and others when in trying to comment on life, he isolates himself from anything worth talking about at all - in other words, a lonely dreamer.

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